The Weight of Words: A Musical to Stop Bullying

What will you do with the weight of your words? This musical call to action holds a microscope up to the world today as it explores the topic of bullying and its rampant effects within the homes, schools, and communities of young people in the United States and the world. No angle of this story […]

The Rebellion: A Musical for Agents of Change

What if each and every one of us took it upon ourselves to change the world for good? A group of high school students decide to find out when they form a club that does just that. They take on global issues until a beauty pageant at their school unexpectedly challenges their viewpoints. Is there […]

Daybreak: The Musical Documentary of John Delaney (One-Act Edition)

Perfect choice for streaming! The documentary-style format makes directing simple.   Should your past determine your future? John Delaney made a terrible mistake and has been serving his time for the past twelve years. On the final day of his sentence, John won’t walk free. What will happen to him? Written in the style of […]